An Adventurous Training towards Professional Tasting

The Expedition of Taste is an in-company training designed for situations where restraints on time or budget will not allow for formal sensory research.

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Why should you go on this expedition?

Is Tasting part of your daily practice e.g. in product development or quality assurance; are decisions on what your next steps are based on tasting? Then The Expedition of Taste is there for you! Your senses like to trick you and lead you astray whereas they should be your compass, guiding you towards product specifications or consumer liking. The skills you learn during The Expedition of Taste will help you avoid unnecessary detours and reach your target faster.

What's there to discover?

You will learn how to navigate by using your senses effectively which substantially shortens the path. It all starts with ‘good tasting’ and understanding the simple conditions enabling that. Sensory Science provides you with the highly practical compass of do’s and don’ts. You will learn to avoid side tracks and to use the right guides.

Who’s joining?

Every professional in development or quality assurance who takes decisions based on the senses.

Is it going to be tough?

Yes, it takes an entire day, use of phones and laptops is severely rationed and there are a few really steep tracks.

Is it going to change my life?

Yes, you will have grown when you return. You can navigate the continents of Taste and Preference using your senses. You can’t imagine you did this in any other way before. You will have gone through an unforgettable experience.


Where ever you want. Mostly it is in a company’s meeting room. The best circumstances for optimal concentration are off-site facilities.
It consists of four parts of 1.5 to 2 hours each. So that’s one day.
No, you don’t want to be left behind half way an expedition.
We will be happy to discus the possibilities to adapt exercises and examples to your company’s product portfolio and processes.
Ideally between 10 and 12. Under 6 reduces the positive effects of cross-fertalisation.
It is an in-company training and content is aligned with each specific company’s processes and products. This maximises the effectivity of the training. It will depend on the future success of this training whether it will be open for individual application.


Getting everybody aligned on Best Practice of our everyday tasting will help us! I enjoyed it, thanks.

I really liked the training. The presentation was really fascinating and kept the audience always active. This training really gave me crucial understanding of how important best practice rules are for all the work bench tasting that we do. All I’ve learned today applies directly to the projects I'm working on. And I loved the demo’s!

Pleasantly surprised by everything today had to offer. I think you critically addressed the key to following Best Practices and how to take these into the workplace. Thank you!

This training turned out to be appreciated by all participants, both developers and managers, as it focused on the simple and informal tasting sessions that they organise daily around work benches. The value of it was not just in learning how to taste and then come to more reliable decisions but the effects this training has are sustainable. Even now, two years later, everyone here sticks with the basic rules they got from the training and new comers adopt those rule automatically.

I could see how high quality scientific knowledge was being presented in a practical and tangible fashion, bringing it all down to earth. The logic behind the best practice rules is compelling and applying them to daily routines is self-evident.

More about the expedition leaders

The Expedition of Taste was created by Wim Vaessen and Ton Teerling. Together they bring over 50 years of experience in Sensory Science and have led many expeditions in small and large international companies to safe and prosperous harbours.

About Wim
Wim Vaessen has many years of experience in setting up, running and managing diverse sensory projects. He has managed product test for retailers, sensory analysis, preference mapping and LSA projects but also more complex consumer choice behaviour studies for large companies involving virtual shopping, eye-tracking and related implicit measuring techniques. Much of this experience can be found in the many in-company trainings and guest lectures Wim gives. Wim is lecturer for “Proeven van Succes” (“A Taste of Success”) the MOA Training for professional sensory researchers.

About Ton
Ton Studied Psychology with Prof. Nico Frijda (Emotion Psychology; University of Amsterdam) and later worked with Prof. Ep Köster (Psychology of taste and smell) at the University of Utrecht where he conducted research on the effects of odours on human behaviour. In the following 18 Years Ton worked as Sensory & Consumer Insights Manager in the flavour and fragrance industry, first with Quest International (now Givaudan) and later with International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF). In 2010 Ton started Pandai. Pandai is a small and flexible company specialised in supporting and guiding market research in the food industry and in the development of trainings for this industry. In Essensor Wim Vaessen and Ton developed “The Expedition of Taste”.

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